Divan Pub Istanbul

To call Divan Pub, an Istanbul Classic, would not be wrong, from the point of view of gourmets. From 1968 onwards, for those wanting fast service from a rich and frequently changing menu selection of tasty dishes, Divan Pub has topped the list.
Divan Pub�s management, who give importance to presenting flavorful dishes in a contemporary atmosphere, are now even closer to their loyal customers. With the increasing numbers of Divan Pubs, not only in Istanbul, but in Ankara and Izmir too, there are now 11 Divan Pub locations.

Divan Pub adds new highlights to its rich menu each month, offering specialties of the day, dishes of the month and season's flavors. Among Divan Pub�s new plans is to expand it's presence as a Turkish brand by increasing the number of it's locations, both in Istanbul and within Turkey.


Among Divan Pub’s continuously changing menus are Divan Pub Classics, which with their taste and place on the menu have become famous and known by all.

Divan Pub Hamburger, grilled to order, large, delicious burgers, golden French fries, ketchup – mustard and soft burger buns...

Divan Pub Döner, made from specially chosen cuts of beef and chicken and served in hearty portions...

Divan Pub "Schnitzel", as tender as it’s Austrian counterparts…Chef’s Salad, with its fresh ingredients, sauce and condiments, it is an enjoyable and memorable accompaniment to your meals.

To crown your meal at Divan Pub is our Rococo, a delicious combination of cake and ice-cream... a favorite for many years.

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Se il vous plaît sentir libre part de vos commentaires et questions :

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