5. Kat Cafe Bar Restaurant Istanbul

Spreading its wings all the way from the modern Bosphorus Bridge to historic Sultanahmet, the sweeping view from the Fifth Floor's terrace is one of the most breathtaking in the city.

The Fifth Floor is located in the heart of Cihangir, an artistic neighborhood of Beyoglu, steeped in thousands of years of history. Its view from the roof terrace is so stunning that sometimes it�s hard concentrating on the food!

But the dishes are well worth paying attention to! Playing with fresh and light ingredients, Yasemin has designed a menu representing the best of many world cuisines, like Indian, Thai, Cambodian, Italian and Turkish. Her home-made brown bread is irresistible when brought to your table still hot from the oven with a little dish of spicy olive oil. All pastas and desserts are made on the premises as well.


One can already feel one�s about to walk into a very special place, when coming up through the warm-hued sunflower-colored stairway, leading to the terrace. After many years of enthusiastic decorating, Yasemin has created a wonderful bohemian atmosphere, full of special touches and details, with a pleasant homey feel. The restaurant�s ambiance is truly one of its kind, with its subtle yet omnipresent woman�s touch. Not only her mind but also her heart has gone into the endless array of hand-made items, from the colorful beads adorning romantic candles to the giant pictures of her adorable kitten!

As a result, the Fifth Floor�s patrons are generally equally bohemian, including many actors, writers and artists. The smiling, casually dressed staff blend right in with their surroundings.

Mydonose Life Magazine

"When you go up to the 5th Floor in the evening, the view that enter inside from the big windows and slap to your ears� dust is so impressive that leaving your eyes from the view and concentrating on your order requires a great effort when the waiters ask what you want...."

Sabah Newspaper

"The Upper Floor is Heaven� The 5th Floor that sees both sides of Istanbul, Bosphorus and the Topkapi Palace has now the 6th Floor! For people who want to say; �I looked at you yesterday from the hill"

Time Out Istanbul

"Entertainment in Sky"
Our advice is that you live the joy of this special place where you can have meals together with the candle lights and the twinkles of Bosphorus and that you can enjoy life when the weather goes well...

Sabah Newspaper

"The Terrace has also opened in the 5th Floor"
The landlady of the 5th Floor and the theatre actress Yasemin Alkaya cooks the majority of the meals by her own hands. It is not possible to find such a delicious lentil balls in another place"
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5. Kat Cafe Bar Restaurant Istanbul Image Galerie

5.kat restaurant istanbul n

5.kat restaurant istanbul n
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