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The history of Bebek Hotel goes back to 1947, when Muammer Karamanoğlu sells his silk factory in Bursa and moves to İstanbul. He buys the building, which is a part of today's hotel and settles in the upper two floors. In 1950, he purchases the next door lot and constructs an apartment.
Later on, he unites the two buildings and opens up the place as an Hotel. Bebek Hotel and Bebek Restaurant becomes one of the most luxurious places of that time where the famous violonist Darvas and his band perform.

In 1967, Mr Karamanoglu passes away and his wife takes over the management of the Hotel, together with her two sons. But she also passes away in 1969. After some time when the Hotel was managed by the sons, Günsu A.S. takes over the management in 1976. Günsu A.S. then makes Bebek Hotel globally recognised. While Bebek Bar becomes the only Turkish Bar which is listed in the best 50 Bars of the World in 1985, Ambassadeurs Restaurant welcomes the prominent people from all over the world.

In 1999, the owner Mr. Selçuk Karamanoglu, together with Günsu A.S., decide to put the Hotel under a comprehensive renovation to bring into life a boutique hotel of world standards.

The renovation takes two and a half years with detailed and self sacrificing work. Finally in April 2002, Bebek Hotel is back in service with its comfortable rooms with a unique view, Ambassadeurs Restaurant where its customers always got top quality service and Bebek Bar and Terrace, as a perfect meeting place after office hours and afternoon meetings.


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