Club 29 (Ulus 29 Istanbul)

To get to Club 29 you must cross the majestic Bosphorous in a boat. Once on the Asian side of the river the lavish al fresco space reveals itself as a series of spacious, tented Oriental-style rooms. There�s a pool, a sun terrace and a canopied restaurant filled with oil lamps, muslin drapes and floor cushions to lounge on. The restaurant has spectacular views of the river as does the club adjoining it, and there are various open-air areas to catch your breath. Models, moguls, celebrities and rocks stars, among them David Byrne, are regulars, and the staff and husband-and-wife team behind this gem are the most gracious and generous of hosts. Despite the Oriental appearance music is a cutting-edge mix of Western and Oriental beats, and there�s not a belly dancer in sight.
Panoramic dining experience" is, of course, a code phrase for lousy food. The best of offerings come from the traditional Turkish oven that dominates the space: lahmacun, a thin crackle of dough with a spicy meat topping, and puffy sesame bread. The classic cigar-shaped boerek is reinvented with an airy shrimp filling. Purslane salad in thick yoghurt dressing is a prescription for long life. And for cosmopolitan palates, the Continental portion of the menu offers a very Californian scallop-and-green-bean salad, a delicious quail cake on mashed potatoes with an olive sauce, and rare lamb loin with a potato gratin.

We were recommended this place when we were staying in Istanbul for our first wedding anniversary. We were amazed with the entire place - the decor is fantastic and the food in the restaurant is superb. To cap off the perfect evening - after finishing our meal we were escorted into the Club for a nightcap - and the views just took our breath away. Definitely going back - cannot wait!

When I entered the club, I was mesmerised. I couldn't even drink because the view took my breath away - yet the DJ got my attention with his music just in time. Beautiful view, beautiful people, wonderful music. The service was surprisingly fast although the club was packed. I definitely recommend 29 to anyone who is gonna be in Istanbul. I enjoyed it a lot.

This place is smashing. Very hot chicks, good drinks, good music and a great atmosphere. It seemed to be too crowded and the entrance quite difficult, but definitely a great place to visit!!

IF you wanna be seen this is the place to be seen in. The variety of people makes the place interesting; however, most of the people I saw looked like they needed to be told that it was ok to smile and have a good time. If you don?t know the door staff you don?t stand a chance at getting in.

I've been to Istanbul a lot. This place is cool and i hate to say it's easy to get a hard time at the door because of body guards.


  • This place is a must for any young person visiting Istanbul. The people are as beautiful as the view across the Bosphorus and at night there is no place else to be. I will definitely go back when I'm in Istanbul again!
  • This place is one of the must go restaurant in Istanbul. The view,the food and the music is the best. Try to gvet a table by the window.
  • One of the "In" place of Istanbul. Where the "people" of Istanbul like to have dinner and then party all night in the club attached to it, the view from there is just amazing! Expensive (Dinner around 80 USD+/person)but worth it.
    PS: the atmosphere is more like an "in" London/Paris style club, so if you are looking for a Turkish atmosphere you are at the wrong place! Hiwever, if you wish to go nuts all night, this is the place...


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