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Korfez is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul. With its unique view, state of art cooking and excellent service, Korfez is a legend in the business. Chosen "ALL OVER THE WORLD ON THE WATER FRONT ONE OF THE BEST TEN RESTAURANTS" by the "Departures" magazine. Korfez is also one of the best restaurants in the world. Korfez is an ambition to its founder and a source of delight to the customer 'The real owner of Korfez', as the founder Omer Salur quotes.
"In my opinion people should perform the job they love and best suited for them. This is the only way to better our progression". My words may sound quite misplaced but this belief has a very important place in Körfez Restaurant's conception.

My late grandfather Prof.Hazim Atif Kuyucak was a very distinguished man. Therefore, so is our family name. My grandmother Hikmet Kuyucak knew my desire to be a restaurateur ever since my childhood and wouldn't find it suitable for Kuyucak's reputation by any means. Mrs.Hikmet Kuyucak would say, "How on earth Ömer can think about being a tavern keeper". It was considered to be a misbehavior to even consider being a restaurateur in those days. Any further attempt trying to explain the nature of the business, which had nothing to do with being a "tavern keeper", as she had put it with despise, would prove useless.

Years went by, after completing mandatory military service; I worked at TOFAS Auto Trade INC. (one of the three big auto manufacturer and dealer in Turkey) for successful nine years, I then resigned to finally realize my dream of being a restaurateur.

The landmark of my life, "Körfez Restaurant" 's foundation had started with the spiritual support of Mrs.Aysel Vefa (R.I.P.) and George Sütciyan, restaurateur of a famous restaurant at the time, "Kulis Restaurant". George would be my partner and according to our agreement the new restaurant would be in my place with his decoration and kitchen.

Körfez's fame has been spreading worldwide ever since. "DEPARTURES" magazine has chosen Körfez Restaurant " ONE OF THE TOP TEN RESTAURANTS, ALL OVER THE WORLD, AT THE WATER FRONT ". "NEW YORK TIMES" has found Körfez Restaurant newsworthy for three) times, and countless other publications and gourmet societies have acknowledged the fact.

Since the beginning we have been working very hard to maintain our level of catering to our guests, whom we believe are the real owners of Körfez, without making a concession from quality.

We have worked diligently to bring Körfez Restaurant to today's level and we are far more than satisfied. Nonetheless, please do not forget about what I said in the beginning "people should perform the job that they feel is best for themselves". This is how Körfez Restaurant has succeeded, well served it's country, became profitable to its employees and more importantly, could serve its distinguished clients at top quality

Korfez Restaurant

Cuisine: Korfez offers Turkish Cuisine and seafood.

Address: Korfez cad. No: 78 Kanlica, Istanbul


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