Boca Reveal Barcelona Agreement Over Palacio

Boca Juniors vice-president Pedro Pompilio has revealed that they have agreed a fee with Barcelona over the transfer of Rodrigo Palacio.

The problem, however, is that Boca own only 32.5% of the player's registration, the rest being shared by his former clubs Huracan and Banfield, as well as his agent, Juan Paladino.

Barcelona want to negotiate only with Boca - not with four parties separately - and have urged the Argentine giants to secure the player to themselves quickly.

"We have come to an agreement with Barcelona to transfer him [Palacio] in July," Pompilio told Radio Mitre in Argentina.

"However, they have told us that they will only speak with us, so we must contact Huracan, Banfield and Paladino, who own the rest of his registration."

Pompilio then spoke about having problems convincing two of the three parties, who seem to be asking for more money now than what was agreed earlier.

"We have been speaking with Huracan for many months, but we have been unable to reach an agreement because they want more than the $2.5 million that we are offering," he explained.

"They have been relegated to a lower division, and now want more money than what was agreed three months ago.

"It is the same with Paladino. The only ones we don't have problems with are Banfield, because they own a very small percentage, and are happy with the compensation.

"I expect to complete all three negotiations soon, because we know we have a good financial offer [from Barcelona], and if we do not do it quickly, they [Barcelona] will not wait much longer, and sign someone else. That is what we are trying to impress upon the other parties."