I Will Not Ignore Barca's Offer Abidal

Eric Abidal has made it abundantly clear to Lyon that he will not turn down a move to Barcelona.

Abidal has responded to indications from Lyon that they want him to stay on following the arrival of Alain Perrin.

"Our left side is the envy of all Europe," Perrin had said to the club's official website, speaking of his desire to keep Malouda and Abidal. 

"I will call them [Malouda and Abidal] to know how much they want to leave. From those discussions, we'll see if they want to stay with us."

Abidal has reiterated that he will not ignore Barcelona's offer.

"I do not have anything against Alain Perrin, or against Olympique Lyon, but the opportunity, at 28 years of age, of a new adventure in Barcelona cannot be turned down," he said.

The comment comes on the back of reports in L'Equipe this morning, of Lyon having turned down Barcelona's offer.

A source close to the player was quoted revealing the same, but also that there was no way Lyon would be able to hang on to the French international left-back.

"President Aulas did not like the offer," said the source. "However, we know that there will be an agreement.

"Barcelona love Eric and Eric wants to move to Barcelona. I do not see any way in which Olympique can convince him to stay.

"Barcelona have not assured him a starting spot, but the basic issues have already been agreed."